Tips for corona virus prevention

Corona Virus: Prevention is better than Cure!

By Dr. Tejaswini Bhale-Borse
April 28, 2020
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The Covid19 outbreak caused by the corona virus has spread like wildfire across the globe and managed to put the entire world under lockdown. The past few months have been filled with nothing but news of this unprecedented crisis. The emphasis has constantly been on safety, precaution and prevention to flatten the rising curve of infected cases and fatalities. Let’s understand how we can avoid contamination at a personal level and protect ourselves by improving our hygiene, health and immunity.


Know what is corona virus

The corona virus disease (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease caused by a novel virus that had not been previously identified in humans.


How does corona virus spread

The new corona virus is transmitted through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.


What are the symtoms of corona virus

The corona virus causes flu-like symptoms such as a dry cough, shortness of breath and fever.


Who are at high risk for corona virus

The following people at risk have to take utmost care and the correct precautionary measures to prevent infection:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • The elderly
  • People with chronic health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer patients


Here at the 5 preventive measures you need to follow to stay safe and healthy at home:

1: Maintain Personal Hygiene

Maintain persona hygiene

It’s important to wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Sanitize your hands after coming in contact with commonly touched surfaces like a countertop or doorknob. Do not touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth as these are the first entry-points for the virus. Keep your nails clean and cut. Avoid handshakes or hugs with outsiders. A Namaskar is the most hygienic, contactless gesture to greet your loved ones.

2: Eat Fresh, Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals

Eat fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals

Enjoy freshly prepared, home-cooked meals. Eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes lots of green and colourful vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and protein. Do not consume raw salads and opt for lightly steamed vegetable salads instead. Have clear soups or rich soups with beetroot, carrot, pumpkin and herbs. Stay hydrated with lots of fluids such as coconut water, kokum, lemonade or turmeric milk. Add immunity-boosting and healing spices and herbs like mint, coriander, pepper, clove, cinnamon, turmeric and black salt to your preparations.

3: Exercise & Practise Deep Breathing

Exercise and practice deep breathing

Stay active, dance, run, take up yoga, meditate and practise breathing exercises (pranayam) to strengthen your immune system, improve your physical fitness, boost your blood circulation and de-stress your mind. Stay positive and do not panic or overthink.

4: Keep Your Home & Surroundings Clean

Keep your home and surroundings clean

You may have heard the adage, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’. A clean home is a reflection of great health and wealth. Keep your home, surroundings, society, community and country beautiful and clean.

5: Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Boost immunity naturally

According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the best way to prevent any disease is by building one’s immunity! Some of the Ayurvedic medicinal preparations to boost your immune system naturally are Mahasudarshan kadha, Suvarna kalpa, Pippali kalp, Chyavanprash, Tribhuvan Kirti rasa and Laxmi Vilas rasa. Follow the dosage as per your age and the vaidya’s advice only.

It’s easy to lead a healthy and happy life, even in times of the covid19 pandemic, with a prevention-oriented, personalised wellness approach. MiBoSo is the first-of-its-kind preventive and curative wellness platform for your mind, body and soul. The app brings you the power of Ayurveda and modern technology for personalised consultation from vaidyas, nutritionists and yoga coaches in the comfort of your home. You can get a guided daily routine focusing on your diet, exercise, stress management, Ayurvedic medicines and sleep schedule to boost your immunity and keep your mind and body healthy and fit.



Can I get a diet plan to boost my and my family’s immunity?


Mi.bo.so. team

Hi, for a proper diet chart that focuses on building immunity, you can connect with us for a consultation here: https://miboso.life/ Our team of Ayurvedic vaidyas, certified nutritionists and yoga coaches will not only plan a proper diet chart for your family, but also customise an exercise routine, meditation and stress management techniques, sleep schedule, and Ayurvedic treatment/supplements. You can check out our personalised consultation packages to start your journey towards stronger immunity today!

Hitesh Natani

Do you offer an immunity-boosting wellness program for the whole family?


Mi.bo.so. team

Hi! Why don’t you check out our family consultation packages here: https://miboso.life/ Our wellness package will include access to healthcare technology as well as personalised consultations from Ayurvedic vaidyas, certified nutritionists and yoga coaches. We can plan an immunity-boosting lifestyle routine for your whole family which will take into consideration everyone’s personalised diet, fitness, sleep and more.


What Ayurvedic medicines should I take to boost my immunity? Where can I buy them?


Miboso team

Hi! It’s not advisable to take medicines without first talking to an Ayurvedic practitioner. If you’d like customised medicines, supplements and therapies that target your area of concern, feel free to connect with us here for a consultation:https://miboso.life/ Every person's immunity depends upon his or her Prakruti/ body type, mental health, digestive and metabolic strength, sleep patterns, diet habits, daily regimen and activities, presence of chronic illnesses if any, and seasonal changes. To get a clearer idea of what medicines benefit your Prakruti, you can take our 10-minute Prakruti questionnaire here: https://miboso.life/miboso-score/ E.g.: Kapha Prakruti - turmeric, ginger etc based medicines Pitta Prakruti - yashtimadhu, guduchi etc based medicines Vata Prakruti - ashwagandha, shatavari etc based medicines

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